Out with the Auld

Streets are awash with luvvies during the Edinburgh Festival

Edinburgh offers surprises even to those who return every year. Katie Wood picks out some new attractions

If you’re joining the throngs who visit Edinburgh during August to enjoy the largest arts festival in the world, there are some excellent new sights to add to your itinerary, many of which are yet to make it into the guidebooks. Take it from someone who was born and bred here – Edinburgh’s a city that you never fully get to know. So even if you’ve done all the obvious sights such as the 11th-century castle, Holyrood Palace and the Georgian new town, and you know every cobblestone and alley of the Royal Mile, there’s still plenty more to enjoy.

Start by heading to the bottom of the Royal Mile, opposite Holyrood Palace and take a gander at the controversial new Scottish parliament which, as every Scot can tell you, with a pained expression, came in at 10 times over budget. Judge for yourself if it was worth it. It’s certainly architecturally interesting and you can access the debating chamber and public galleries. It’s free and open daily.

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